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About The BB Cream Shop

Buy the best Korean BB Cream, Cosmetics, Skincare, Contact Lens at the cheapest price with worldwide shipping to UK, US, Canada, Australia, Europe from the bb cream shop.


What is BB cream?

Blemish Balm (BB cream) is one of the most sought and asked for product in Asia and it is going like hot cakes. Most people are asking themselves where this phenomenal product came from and why it is gaining so much popularity so fast.  

This secret and exotic formula originated in Germany when it was discovered by dermatologists who employed it in healing laser skin surgery that it had skin soothing and skin regeneration qualities. It was used in aiding laser surgery recovery since it soothes, protect and regenerate highly sensitive skin of patients while it provides good coverage of the after surgery scars and redness. Korean celebrities then started using it as a skin product which gave them a flawless skin and from then its popularity grew like a bush fire becoming popular in Japan, whole of South East Asia and now even far in Europe and United States of America. Referred to as the secret weapon of Korean celebrities and mostly actresses, BB cream helps in getting and maintaining a flawless and beautiful skin. Celebrities that underwent laser surgery and used BB cream noticed its benefits and clever corporate that realized it and the void in the market for such a wonder product not only borrowed the technology but also invented their own formulas and versions so as to benefit from the very lucrative market. Although there are several versions to aid different skin type, the public version suits all skin types as it is good for sensitive skin and skin prone to acne. It has skin care and makeup benefits since it not only improves the skin’s condition but also evens it out as it provides cover for dark spots and blemishes.    


Benefits of Using BB cream

 - BB cream produces a natural look since it is not easily noticeable that you are wearing any makeup.   


 - BB cream provides coverage just like a foundation would but unlike a foundation it doesn’t clog the skin pores hence prevents the skin from damaging.


 - It is a tinted moisturizer and helps in keeping the skin moist and fresh.

 -  It prevents all kinds of acne, pigmentation, blemishes and discoloration from being observed. This raises not only your confidence and self esteem but helps you in realizing the inner beauty and will also help you in getting the man that you desire.

 - It is made of natural extracts that have healing qualities that aid in softening, smoothening and refining the skin.

 - Helps in skin regeneration which not only delays the ageing process but helps you in looking young and attractive for long.

 - Keeps your skin healthy as it is a sunblock and protects your skin from harmful Ultraviolet rays.

- It delays and prevents wrinkles from forming and also has some skin lightening properties. This will make your age mates and colleagues envious and you will be turning necks everywhere you go.

 -It is a cost effective all in one product that is cheap.


Recommended 9.3 out of 10 based on 16 ratings.

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