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The BB Cream Shop sells many korean skin care products and they are manufactured in South Korea. The Korean cosmetic products are ranked by the renowned beauty magazine. Some of the renowned products of Korean beauty products include the skin toner, essence lotion, and massage pack, moisturizing cream, eye designer cream and balancing emulsion lotion. The Korean cosmetic products are known throughout the world because they use natural ingredients made from fruit extracts and plant extracts. They, hence make the skin more fragile and tender. The Korean skincare products are mainly used to clog the pores of the skin and to make the skin texture smoother. They also add moisture to the skin. Most of the Korean beauty products are used by people of all skin types whether oily, normal or dry. The Korean skin care products are used by many people across the world because they consist of extracts from botanical gardens. Today Korea is known as the ‘New France’ today. Korean products are tested and are proved as free from any harsh chemicals and hence do not cause any side effects.
Many Korean skincare products are available in the market with different brand names such as Etude skincare, Missha skincare, Skin 79 skincare products and they are widely used by the celebrities and ambassadors because they are known as super-luxury models. Most of the skincare products are used to make the skin free from pores and to give a porcelain look to your face. To maintain porcelain looking skin, Koreans usually perform facial massage. Koreans mainly use 18 products for beautification to make the skin more radiant. According to the survey nearly 90% of the products are manufactured in Korea and the Korean woman uses nearly 18 beauty products daily. They popularly use the skincare products to removes the pores from the skin. Many women from Korea use these products and they have attained many benefits by suing them. The pore tightening serum is widely used for many purposes. It brightens their complexion and it heals the rashes or stretch marks on the face. The toners that are used by the people of Korea remove the dead cells of the skin and hence the skin becomes cleaner. They use serum to rectify all types of skin problems that is caused due to heat, air pollution, dust particles and other environmental factors. The serum should be applied and retained on the skin for 5 minutes.
The moisturizer should be used by the women of Korea in a very diligent way, depending upon the skin type. The Koreans mainly apply the moisturizer to the skin to make skin more fragile and fragrant.

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