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The Best 3 BB Cream for Acne Skin 10/31/2012

 The cream came into Korean market 25 years ago and is ruling the cosmetic industry till now. The various alternatives provided by the BB cream brands have made the cream popular for all skin tones. They not only have moisturizing properties and whitening properties, but also have positive effects over treatment of skin problems such as acne, blemishes, black spots etc. One such cream, which has brilliant track record over healing acne and scars, is the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream. Apart from treating acne and scars, the cream conceals dark patches, age and sun spots and skin discoloration. The whitening ingredients in the cream brighten the skin and smoothes the wrinkles, making them less visible. The cream keeps the skin fresh all day long, thanks to the long lasting formula. This cream is best suitable for acne prone skin. Skin 79 Intense Classic BB Cream 43.5g promotes flawless skin with its natural ingredients. The natural matte finish provided to the skin also results in complete coverage of blemished skin. The darker skin tones are brightened by the whitening properties of the cream. The cream also controls the sebum level, keeping the skin oil free and clear. The ingredients in the cream are Green Tea, Lavender Water and Swiss Alpine Herb plus regenerating Hyaluronic Acid and Arbutin. Another skin cream that is best in providing similar results compared to the above creams is Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream SPF30/PA ++ 50 ML from Lioele. The cream is so effective in providing wrinkle free solution and improves the natural skin tone. The cream acts as a foundation, make up base and moisturizer along with providing a soothing essence. The blemishes and acne scars are concealed and they are blend with the skin color. The Vegetable Collagen diminishes the spots and wrinkles by renewing the skin texture. With so many quality features making the skin clean and clear, the Korean BB Creams are best to buy.


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Why do people want to stop aging, for gseonods sake what is wrong with you people. I want to grow old gracefully, my teenage years were hell and a lot of people say life gets better as you get older, but not for all. Don't worry about getting older it is going to happen whether you like it or not. I know a girl who put tons of anti aging crap on her face spent heaps and heaps of money and she is still getting older, you can't stop aging, so screw it I say, grow old gracefully and don't worry.

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